March 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Jacob Minsinger on 3/16/2021

PRMS Monthly Newsletter

Each month, I plan to publish a newsletter that will be sent out to parents. In each newsletter, you will find the following: 

  • Highlights of some of the activities and accomplishments at PRMS during the month
  • A section called Food for Thought that will give you suggested resources to review related to some aspect of having a middle school student.

Building Highlight:

This month, we want to highlight the hard work of our track team. Track has always been a great activity for our middle school students to be a part of, and it is alive and well this year too. We have well over 100 students participating all while adhering to the appropriate health and safety guidelines. Thank you to Mr. Koss, Ms. Bleakney, Mr. Frank, Mr. Thompson, and the rest of the coaches for your hard work and dedication!

Track 2  

Food for Thought:

We are now in the midst of the scheduling season for next year. As we start this season, we wanted to share an article that can help guide scheduling decisions into the future. This article from US News & World Report provides suggestions for selecting courses at the high school level. Even if high school is still a year away, the following recommendations are still relevant for middle school course selection.

  • Create a rigorous, yet balanced, schedule. Take a mix of classes that will challenge your child while also making sure that they take classes that they would enjoy.
  • Don’t neglect to plan early. Look ahead to classes that your child can take in future years.