September 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Jacob Minsinger on 9/7/2021

Focused on Learning for Every Student Every Day

PRMS Monthly Newsletter

Each month, I plan to publish a newsletter that will be sent out to parents. In each newsletter, you will find the following: 

  • Highlights of some of the activities and accomplishments at PRMS during the month
  • A section called Food for Thought that will give you suggested resources to review related to some aspect of having a middle school student.

Building Highlight:

As we welcome all of our students back to school, we have some exciting updates to announce! First, we have a refurbished library space. Thanks to Mrs. Rowe and Mr. Zimmerman for working last year to plan out the new space, which will be an awesome space for our students. It comes with comfy chairs for small group work, independent study spaces, and moveable bookshelves to allow for large group meetings. You can see a preview of the space in the pictures below.

Library 1 Library 2 Library 3

Over the summer, we also added some updates to our collaboration space! Thanks to Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Deal, and support from the Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund (PROF), we added Arduino circuit kits, a 3-D printer, 3-D pens, and monitors for digital group projects.

With both of these spaces, we hope to provide our students with opportunities to collaborate with each other and unlock their creativity.

Food for Thought:

When we meet with students at the beginning of the year, we encourage them to try at least one club or sport this year. We ask that you reinforce that with your children. Students can find the clubs and activities on page 11 of the student handbook. Here are just a few of the clubs listed there.

  • PRTV club
  • Drama club
  • Ecology club
  • Jazz band
  • Leaders club
  • National Academic League