Initiative Update

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan Update (January 11, 2021)

Our mission, vision, and values serve as the compass that guides decision-making.  The strategic plan serves as our map. Establishing a district-wide culture that appreciates and understands Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is necessary for our mission to be fully achieved.  Learning thrives in safe, inclusive environments.  As a result, DEI was identified as a key strategic initiative. Since July, the DEI Core Committee consisting of PRSD employees has worked with community representatives, students, and consulted with university partners to identify research “buckets'' to address areas of opportunity for improvement.  The buckets include: 1) Family and Community Outreach and Partnerships, 2) Staff Development and Training, 3) Student Organizations and School Culture, 4) Curriculum and Instruction, and 5) Policies and Procedures.  

The initial action planning will focus on the research buckets of staff training and policy development/implementation. Tonight was the first of two committee meetings designated to discuss and further plan next steps for this key strategic initiative. Visit BoardDocs for more information.