COVID-19 Educational Model Update & Podcast

April 13, 2021  
Dear Parents, Staff, and Students:
At the Pine-Richland School Board Combined Meeting on April 12, 2021, the district provided an update on the PRSD Educational Model Continuum, conditions/cases, selection survey results, and the transition plan. It has been great to see the increase in in-person at the secondary campus following spring break. The cooperation and discipline with mitigation strategies, such as masks and sanitizing, are appreciated and critical to our continued success.
As part of the contingency planning and to ensure clarity of communication, the presentation reinforces the decision-making criteria for a short-term closure and/or a return-to-hybrid at grades 4 - 12 (i.e., "AK" and "LZ" with virtual learning on alternating days). The presentation also provides more information on quarantine procedures and monitoring. The presentation also addresses some frequently asked questions or areas of confusion. 
As we have done in the past, we have created a podcast from this discussion to keep you informed and to provide clear and consistent communication. You can view the podcast by clicking on this link or video window and/or download the presentation PDF.
Sincerely,‌ ‌
Brian‌ ‌R.‌ ‌Miller,‌ ‌Ed.D.‌ ‌
Michael‌ ‌Pasquinelli,‌ ‌Ed.D.‌ ‌
Assistant‌ ‌Superintendent‌ ‌(Secondary)‌ ‌
Kristen‌ ‌Justus,‌ ‌Ph.D.‌ ‌
Assistant‌ ‌Superintendent‌ ‌(Elementary)‌ ‌
Noel‌ ‌Hustwit‌ ‌
Director‌ ‌of‌ ‌Student‌ ‌Services‌ ‌and‌ ‌Special‌ ‌Education‌