Star 360 Resources (Fall)

Dear K-8 Pine-Richland Families,
We are reaching out to share that we will be administering the STAR 360 assessments for math and reading now through mid-October.
These assessments are computer-based and computer-adaptive. To benchmark the students’ progress during the Continuity of Learning Online plan, we determined that assessing the students as scheduled on this tool will help us to gain information about their mastery and needs related to the learning goals and standards. We are utilizing these assessments, along with the common assessments developed by our grade level and departmental teams, to determine if students have continued to make progress in our programming and to design learning opportunities aligned with students’ needs for intervention or enrichment.
As you may recall from our previous updates:
  • STAR 360 is a universal screener given four times a year (Fall, Winter, Early Spring, and Late Spring) to all K-8 students, which measures both students’ achievement and growth in comparison to their grade-level standards for math and reading. 
  • Students in Kindergarten complete the Early Literacy assessment including early reading and numeracy skills within one assessment, while students in grades 1-8 complete both the STAR Reading and Math assessments.
  • The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to administer for each content area and is computer-based and computer adaptive. Some students could finish faster and some may take a little longer. We can look at the time it took the student to complete the assessment as one factor for validity. As students answer a question correctly, the rigor of the questions will continue to increase until they miss a question, at which point it begins to decrease the difficulty. At the end of the assessment, the students’ instructional level has been approximated and instructional reports are available to teachers to help them understand which skills a child has mastered or with which they need assistance.
  • These assessments reflect the shortest amount of testing time needed to provide the most accurate results and best data to inform our instructional decisions and design learning opportunities to meet your child’s individual needs.
  • The information gleaned from the assessments can show performance up to two grade levels above or below a student’s current grade level. The data leveraged is helpful for remediation or enrichment goals within the classroom to be targeted and also allows teachers to plan appropriate learning activities.
  • As continued testing occurs, the range of each student’s performance narrows more tightly on their actual level given the computer-adaptive nature of the assessments, clearly depicting their growth after the third data point.
  • This is only one form of measurement and a single-point-screening that we conduct as part of the district’s fall universal screening. Due to COVID 19, the results will be reviewed with other data points to assist your child’s educational team to drive instruction.
  • Results from the assessments will be shared with you at parent-teacher conferences Nov. 2-3, 2020. If you have additional questions about your child’s scores, feel free to reach out to their classroom teacher.
Parents have inquired about what they could be doing to support their child on these assessments. The most helpful support from home comes from ensuring that your child isn’t nervous about his/her performance on STAR, as it is simply an ungraded tool to help us learn more about what they already know and what they are ready to learn based on skill progression. By meaningfully and intentionally engaging in their classes at school and while completing their homework, they are on a solid path of preparation for these universal screeners.
PRSD How2: Clever login and STAR testing (K)
IPads (Kindergarten)
To assist the kindergarteners and their families, new to this assessment, a video tutorial and document have been developed to assist in the administration of the assessment on the iPad, if you are fully virtual and will be taking the assessment from home. 
STAR 360 Benchmark
Instructions for K-8 Families
Linked here are directions and also a video tutorial of how these assessments can be taken from home for students, who are fully virtual (e.g. testing conditions).
If your child is fully virtual and will be testing from home, please allow your child to complete these assessments independently without assistance other than logistical support for us to be able to best assist them with relevant support and educational experiences. The assessment will purposefully increase in complexity and grade level materials if students are answering all questions correctly. They should be able to answer questions up until a certain point, where they then miss them intermittently as the computer-adaptive system determines their actual level of instruction. Students should not worry about this; teachers will prepare students for this experience by explaining the tool so that they continue to feel confident and successful. We look forward to analyzing the data and preparing the best instructional opportunities for your child!
We appreciate your partnership and support!
Ms. Greta Kuzilla
Hance Principal
Ms. Jenna Sloan
Richland Principal
Dr. Joseph Domagala
Eden Hall Assistant Principal
Dr. David Kristofic
Pine-Richland Middle School Principal
Mrs. Kelly Gustafson
Wexford Elementary
Mr. Steve Smith
Eden Hall Principal
Mrs. Paula Giran
Eden Hall Assistant Principal
Mr. Jacob Minsinger
Middle School Assistant Principal