Community Message Following Special Meeting

Earlier today, the district held a special board meeting to accept the resignation of a board member, to declare that board seat officially open and to invite eligible members of the community who live in Region 1 to consider interviewing for a board appointment to that vacant seat.

Given the attention currently placed on the varsity head football coach vacancy, Mr. Don Palmer, solicitor, shared the following comments:

The district released a brief media statement on April 15, 2021. The statement clearly explained that the district does not discuss personnel matters. It also indicated that the athletic department is advertising for the position of varsity head football coach. Many comments and allegations are being shared in traditional and social media. Since it is the district’s well-grounded practice to refrain from comment on personnel matters in public, it is not appropriate for the district to respond.  As such, the district will also refrain from correcting false statements and allegations being circulated. It is understood that this is frustrating to some and confusing to others. With that said, our legal counsel has remained the same in this case and others over the years. The district should not discuss personnel matters in public. 

The district has posted the supplemental contract position for varsity head football coach. The district will be accepting internal and external applications. Supplemental contracts are designated for one school year without expectation for renewal. Following its regular process for coaching positions, assistant coach positions are also opened when a varsity head coach position is advertised. This allows the new varsity head coach to interview and/or recommend new staff members and also consider prior assistant coaches if appropriate.