District Football-Related Statement

On April 16, 2021, the district shared a statement with the staff, parents, community and media with respect to Coach Kasperowicz. That statement expressed the district’s well-grounded practice to refrain from public comment on personnel matters. However, the increased traffic on social and other media platforms perpetuates untruths and half-truths which are a threat to the District, the students, staff and community. This behavior is the reason for this message now. As additional information is provided to our community in the days ahead, we remain intentional in our efforts to protect the safety of our students and their right to confidentiality which also extends to their families, and to our staff, and Coach Kasperowicz.

Over a period of three months, an investigation was conducted into specific allegations of inappropriate student conduct and a broader allegation of misconduct within the football program, including, but not limited to hazing, bullying, intimidation and “rites of passage.” Interviews were conducted with dozens of students, coaches and parents including an in-depth interview with Coach Kasperowicz. In the investigation, the district followed established policies, practices and procedures. The district has a fundamental responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of students and staff.

The district’s legal counsel was consulted throughout this process. At the investigation’s conclusion, neither the Administration nor any member of the nine-member School Board could recommend extending a supplemental contract to Coach Kasperowicz for the 2021 - 2022 football season. The decision not to offer Coach Kasperowicz a 2021 - 2022 supplemental contract was based upon:

  1. Findings from the three-month investigation; 
  2. Documented football program related events over multiple years during the Coach’s tenure with the program, and 
  3. The interview itself with Coach Kasperowicz was critical.

Coach Kasperowicz received a letter outlining the findings and recommendation for non-renewal with an opportunity to respond. The letter can be shared by Coach Kasperowicz. Any statement indicating that no reason was given for the district’s actions is categorically false.

The district is aware of, and acknowledges, the successful winning record of the program and its importance to many student-athletes. We are saddened by what we see happening in the community as a result of perpetuated misinformation. We understand the community’s desire for full transparency and have made a consistent effort to balance that against the legal duty that the district has to preserve the confidentiality of personnel information. The district will continue to move forward with decisions and actions that align to the mission, vision and values. The district will continue to release additional specific communications regarding this matter. All messages will be archived on the Pine-Richland School District website.

Pine-Richland School Board of Directors