PRSD & Northern Regional Police Dept.

April 21, 2021
Dear Pine-Richland Community,
As shared in yesterday’s communication, the increased traffic on social and other media platforms perpetuates untruths and half-truths which are a threat to the district, the students, staff and community. Given speculation in social and other media outlets, a misconception emerged for some stakeholders that the district in some way failed to meet reporting requirements with law enforcement. 
Chief John A. Sicilia shared the following statement for this community update, “The Northern Regional Police Department and the Pine-Richland School District has a long-standing solid relationship which has spanned many administrations on both sides. One of the key factors in this relationship is a well thought out and clearly defined Memorandum of Understanding between both entities. This document is frequently reviewed and updated to keep current with changes in laws and to reflect the concerns of the public both organizations serve. As like similar guiding documents, not all scenarios can be accounted for and for this reason we rely heavily on the ‘common sense’ approach as to when the Northern Regional Police Department would need to be notified to intervene if not specifically spelled out. To date, the current Pine-Richland Administration, specifically Dr. Brian Miller has been proactive in collaborating with the Police Department and working together to decide how an investigation should be handled. I have the utmost confidence Dr. Miller will continue to consult with the Police Department when school investigations transcend into a criminal investigation. I look forward to continuing the strong relationship between the Police Department and the School District. It is our hope most incidents are handled within the School District and do not rise to the level of a criminal investigation.”  
“The Pine-Richland School District and Northern Regional Police Department (NRPD) have built and strengthened a collaborative relationship as key partners for many years,” said Dr. Miller. 
With respect to current media speculation, the Pine-Richland School District is fully compliant with all required notifications, including to state and local authorities like the NRPD. The Pine-Richland School District satisfied all reporting obligations.