Health & Safety Reminder from Principals

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year Students & Families!
We are excited to welcome our students to our school buildings on Tuesday, August 31st, and wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of our approved Health & Safety Plan. This plan to start the year puts the highest priority on in-person learning. When you return to school and classes, we want to do our best as a school to keep you in the classroom and reduce the risk of quarantine. In-person learning is the most important shared goal of our community. 
Approved by the Pine-Richland School Board, the Health and Safety Plan is designed to start the 2021 - 2022 school year with full in-person instruction and a series of mitigation strategies that include required masking indoors for all students, staff, and visitors. 
The definition of a close contact has been updated and this flow chart shared by the Allegheny County Health Department shares the impact of non-masking on our requirement to quarantine individuals within 6 feet of a positive person. If all medically able students in our schools remain masked and at the 3 feet of physical distance being provided through our classroom and learning environment structures, quarantine should be almost non-existent. This approach should provide each of us with continuity of learning. It is especially critical as our county experiences an increasing number of COVID-19 cases and is currently experiencing community transmission at the “high” level.
We appreciate in advance your support of this plan and our masking requirement in order to keep our students learning five days a week with minimal disruption. By working together on each part of the Health and Safety Plan, both our teachers and students can fully focus on learning by establishing strong relationships and maximizing learning through consistent attendance. 
With Appreciation,
Mrs. Nancy Bowman, Pine-Richland High School Principal
Dr. David Kristofic, Pine-Richland Middle School Principal
Mr. Steven Smith, Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Principal
Dr. Greta Kuzilla, Hance Elementary School
Mrs. Jenna Sloan, Richland Elementary School
Mrs. Kelly Gustafson, Wexford Elementary School