Health & Safety Update for Families

Continuity Learning
September 17, 2021
Dear Families, 
We sincerely wish each of you well and hope that your child is enjoying the opportunity to be engaged in meaningful learning and forging new relationships and connections within their classrooms and activities. 
Since our return to school, we have continued to see an increase in positive cases, as well as resulting quarantine. These cases and quarantine are a combination of close contacts from both school and community-based activities. The district’s COVID-19 tracker is updated each Friday and available for review on the PRSD website via this link.
While we are already making use of auxiliary spaces for lunch, we are planning additional creative adjustments to our lunch periods in first through 12th grades. These adjustments will allow more flexible options for students to eat with increased physical distancing. By affording these additional, flexible options, students will be able to attain as close to six feet as possible from others if desired. This may prevent students from being identified as a close contact and being placed in quarantine. Areas may include additional outdoor spaces, hallways, and large group areas.
In order to provide the supervision needed to spread our students out, we will need additional parent volunteers willing to follow district COVID protocols, who have clearances, or who are approved, independent volunteers. If you are interested in this opportunity, we encourage you to complete this form by clicking here. We will review the responses and determine levels of need as we are redesigning the flexible options for our students and reach out to those willing to support us. 
Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity and would be appreciative if you would reinforce the importance of finding space from others with your child(ren). It will help us keep our students in our schools, where we would all prefer them to stay. 
Nurses & Principals