District Provided 2022-23 General Fund Budget & Capital Funding Plan

The development and implementation of long-range financial strategies have been an area of ongoing study and action for the school board and administration for many years through the Pine-Richland School District strategic plan. Consistent with our annual approach, we are focused on an analysis of the key drivers for revenue and expenditure (e.g., staffing levels, debt service, transportation, capital funding, technology and curricular supplies). Our operational efficiency measures continue to reflect a strong return-on-investment for the educational program at Pine-Richland. We need to continue to refine our systematic and integrated approach to short- and long-term expenditures grounded in the mission/vision/values and strategic plan. A continued focus exists on strategic decision-making to ensure a strong financial position currently and in future years.

For the 2022-2023 general fund budget process, our district approved the Act 1 Resolution which limits a possible tax increase to no more than 3.4%. The attached document represents the working copy of the draft general fund proposed final budget as of now. As noted in the presentation, the current budget deficit is approximately $1.8 million and is reflected as a utilization of the assigned fund balance for capital improvements. The current draft reflects total projects for next year in excess of $5 million. As of June 2021, assigned fund balance for capital improvements was equal to approximately $14.6 million. Additional refinements will continue under personnel expenditure and departmental budgets. The proposed final budget is scheduled for a vote in early May and a final vote in June 2022.  Click here for documents.