Richland 3rd Grade

Posted by Dr. Brian Miller on 5/5/2022 4:00:00 PM

Richland Elementary School Third Grade

Morning Routine
ClassroomI am excited to be part of third grade today with Ms. Boss (most subjects and first picture) and Mrs. Fulford (math and second picture). Consistent with all other homerooms, students arrive at school, unpack and begin morning work. The morning work helps “prime the brain” for learning. After staying in the same class for most of the day in kindergarten through second grade, third grade is the first time that students begin changing teachers and rooms. We did a “quick switch” across the hall for math.


After studying geometry for a couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to participate in two activities. The first learning activity was a Geometry Escape Room. We worked in teams to apply our prior knowledge. As Mrs. Fulford said, “More minds and more hands are better to crack the code and solve the case.” Using our Chromebooks to enter information, the Escape Room required us to unlock Door #1: Geometry Vocabulary; Door #2: Identify and Classify Shapes; and Door #3: Partition Shapes. Then as a culminating activity, each student is designing “Geometry Town” to include at least nine buildings of various geometric shapes.

Mileage Club, Lunch and Art
Ms. Boss’s class covers ground quickly in third grade. Since it is a Thursday, we had mileage club and lunch. We then moved to art class with Mrs. Laslavic. The students had completed work with clay…but it needs a bit more time to dry before the projects are “fired in the kiln.” This gave us the opportunity to use a protractor to set up our looms (for future wefting and warping). The demonstration was recorded as a video that allowed Mrs. Laslavic to distribute materials and get the most out of every minute. BUT…before doing any of the artwork…we had a class mantra… “I am positive…I am creative…I am courageous…I am mindful…I am brilliant…I am an artist!


RAM Time and Reading
In third grade, Ms. Boss and her students focus on reading (and a little math). Students are organized into flexible groups. Some students were reading with Ms. Boss in a small group and discussing key elements of the story. The students identified evidence in the text to answer questions. Students also used context clues to understand ideas that were not explicitly stated by the author. Other students working on daily fact practice, book club reading assignments and other learning activities. The class then moved into grammar concepts related to the use of “a or an” with a “consonant or vowel” (respectively)! Ram Time

As a special activity, we then split into two groups to read and perform a play (notice the comma after the introductory words…inside grammar joke for the students). The play, An Earth Day Carol by Paula Thomas, gave students the chance to select parts, perform stage directions, and learn about sustainability. It was interesting to learn that the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970 (notice the comma between the day and year…another inside grammar joke for the students). The main character is committed to following the three R’s and always reduce, reuse, and recycle (notice the comma in a series…final inside grammar joke for the students). 

It was again remarkable to see the level of maturity with Ms. Boss’s third-grade class. Students were positive, kind and hard-working. They had fun learning. They had fun with each other.

P.S. Another Mileage Club Day!

Mileage CLub