Eden Hall 4th Grade

Posted by Dr. Brian Miller on 5/9/2022 3:00:00 PM

Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Fourth Grade
In fourth grade, students are organized into two-person teams. It was a pleasure to be part of the Aquatics Biome with Mr. Belchick, Ms. Berezo and 45 students! Each student has an assigned locker. After storing backpacks, students begin the day using Chromebooks to access the digital Freckle program for ELA or math practice. The morning announcements are produced live in the television studio and streamed to the interactive display boards in each classroom. There is a five-day rotation at Eden Hall. Today is Day 5!

ClassEnglish Language Arts
Our first “switch” was for ELA class. A “state” assignment was introduced. In this project, students conduct research and prepare a presentation about one of the states, such as: fast facts; history; land and climate; cultural; people; arts and entertainment; events and attractions. Students receive a note-taking guide and rubric to outline project requirements. The learning goal is focused on research and note-taking skills.

Students must be able to review a lot of information and then select the critical parts for the project. Ms. Berezo modeled the skills needed to complete the assignment and had students help her before doing the same thing on their own. This preparation and research will eventually be used to create a slideshow to present to the class.

We then “switched” back to Mr. Belchick for math class. The learning goal focused on interpreting and comparing data on a simple line plot. This type of display allows someone to organize a large amount of data in a very clear way. Students first interpreted a line plot that already existed before developing their own. Interestingly, the use of line plots reinforces the observation made in Mrs. Smith’s second-grade class last week. We can see how math skills “spiral” over the years. Students worked to understand the appropriate scale. This lesson also gave students a chance to practice addition and subtraction with fractions. As a fun practice at the end of class, a Kahoot was used to check for understanding.

Mid Day

Midday Excitement
Lunch…excellent…recess…beautiful weather…many choices of activity…kickball with Mr. Belchick serving as the all-time pitcher. It was an intense game of kickball…lots of fun. 

In the investigation notebook, the first question was, “Why is it important for scientists to write scientific explanations?” Students answered individually and then worked collaboratively to strengthen understanding. The class then participated in a “gallery walk” with a moon phase project displayed through Google Slides on each Chromebook. Students aligned the phases of the moon to various life events.


 Amplify Science is built on digital resources. Students were able to view simulations of earth and sky patterns based on a sample investigation plan. The simulator could be set to a specific date and time to observe the location of the earth relative to the sun. Importantly, the students were assessing if the investigation was systematic (careful and orderly) or whether it could be improved by reducing the number of variables.

RAM Time
Reading and math time at Eden Hall has students moving to many different locations for many different programs and learning activities. Simply put, it is an opportunity for each student to get what they need (e.g., extension, extra help, independent study or specific programs). It is an important part of the full educational program at Eden Hall and plays a big part in the master schedule.

During EXPLORE today, we had physical education…with the mile run postponed due to all the rain last weekend! We had a dynamic warm-up activity with Mr. Kunz and Mrs. Adams focused on cardio, agility and some muscular strength. We then practiced one of the field day games.


Organized into four teams, we played a snowball battle game. The rules allowed every student to stay active the entire time. It was fun. We got sweaty! It was a great way to compete and show sportsmanship. Good luck on the mile next week!

Even though Eden Hall is a large school, it feels much smaller in the two-person biome. The design of the students to really get to know each other. Thank you to all staff and students that support the fourth-grade Aquatics Biome!