Eden Hall 5th Grade

Posted by Dr. Brian Miller on 5/10/2022 4:00:00 PM

SchedulreEden Hall Upper Elementary School Fifth Grade
As we start fifth grade this morning, we begin with morning work! The routines of school are so important to learning. In Mrs. Myler’s class, students are working on a form within the Social Studies Google Classroom. Mrs. Myler and Mrs. Clark are the two-person team that works with students in the Grasslands Biome. This “school within a school” design really helps students make connections with classmates. It supports the transition from primary school to upper elementary school. We will learn more about the sixth-grade design tomorrow.


RAM Time
Ms. Shenefiel joined multiple classrooms via Google Meet to facilitate “Genius Hour Projects.” This application of technology for in-person learning is a great example of how the past two years have provided an opportunity to transform educational delivery. Each student remaining in the biome has selected a research topic to practice the research process. The students are then identifying credible sources to develop a presentation. This project has been ongoing for many months. For example, topics include: gymnastics; anxiety; dolphins; Ancient Egypt; music genres; and more. Some areas of learning focus include: checking facts; connecting information to tell a story; and representing information in a clear and compelling manner. Starting next week, students will choose “how” they would like to present to classmates. This type of learning activity is helpful because students are applying research skills to areas of personal interest and also have flexibility in the style of presentation (e.g., slide show, collage, puppet show, demonstration, etc.).

Career Lesson: Financial Reality Fair and Smart Futures
Instead of science today, Mrs. Hawrylak, one of the school counselors at Eden Hall, joined class to deliver instruction in two areas of career and life. First, the students reviewed learning goals related to budgeting in preparation for a financial reality fair (e.g., housing, furniture, utilities, cell phone, entertainment, food, etc.). Given the income connected to a potential job, the goal is to budget money effectively to ensure you do not spend more than you have earned. Next, the class discussed the concept of entrepreneurs defined as a “person who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business.” Entrepreneurs are innovators who start companies to create new or improved products. The students discussed examples of products and people who are entrepreneurs. Students then gained an introduction Smart Futures as a web-based resource that provides learning activities for career topics. Students earned a “badge” when they completed the entrepreneurship lesson.


encoreIn the five-day rotation, we then had music class with Mr. Timcheck. We practiced rhythms with the “dot” of a dotted half note…dotted quarter note…and more. We then transitioned into parts for the classroom musical (“The Music Man”). Students selected roles in the cast. Over the last month of school, the students will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform the musical. Active engagement for sure! I would also use this opportunity to use the “way back” machine to see Mr. Timcheck in the starring role of “

Can’t Stop the Learning” produced by PRSD in 2017! With his planning and preparation, Mr. Timcheck made the most of each beat…with no rest…next stop…River City, Iowa!

Recess and Lunch
Gaga Ball! Recess was followed by a great chicken salad at lunch!


English Language Arts
In addition to the class novel Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehret, students started by reading a self-select novel with a partner. They had 10 minutes to read with their partner before returning back to the class. The learning goals for today specifically focused on the use of tone and mood in the story. The main characters in the story had just experienced an earthquake while camping with family in California. For the main learning activity, each student wrote a poem to reflect mood and tone based on 10 phrases from two of the chapters. Thank you to Ms. Furge for serving as the substitute teacher in class today. She is a building substitute who supports Eden Hall each day.

ClassThe learning goal for today is focused on the use of measurement conversions to solve real-world problems. Ounces, pounds and tons were compared to strawberries, pineapples and small cars. Big to small…multiply. Small to big…divide…and nothing says accuracy like checking your work through use of the “inverse operation.” These calculations - and the thinking that goes into them - are important for developing mathematical minds!

There is a fifth-grade concert tonight! Approximately 100 members of the Class of 2029 conducted the final rehearsal. It should be great!

ChorusEXPLORE and Dismissal
The class discussed World Cultures Day scheduled for May 12th. Then, the students started a “Compliments Activity” for the end of the year. This is an opportunity for the class to share positive and anonymous comments about a classmate.

Fifth-grade Grassland was incredibly welcoming today. I was impressed with the maturity of the students. I was also impressed with the level of focus in each class. Positive energy. Kindness. Fun. Learning. A really good day in fifth grade.