November 10, 2023

Hi everyone,Assembly Panorama

As PRHS Principals, we are excited to share this message with our families and community in regard to the start of our school year and our recent World Kindness Week events as well as upcoming plans.  Please take a few minutes to review this message and reflect on the first nine weeks of school with your child.  

As a school team, we believe it is very important for our students to reach their full potential and to be college, career and community ready upon graduation. In order for all students to meet this potential, our goals this year focus on improving student achievement and growth while working to continuously improve school culture. This year has already seen PRHS students accomplishing great achievements in our school and community. We have also been focusing on enhancing student active engagement in our classrooms and developing student and staff understanding of school safety preparedness and response plans through the Standard Response Protocol. Positive school culture programs are continuing to be a focus to recognize students, identify that we want to be known as an accepting and welcoming school community and to give back to our community. Last week, we hosted over 25 local veterans for our Veteran’s Day celebration!


This week, we celebrated World Kindness Week at PRHS!  We take this opportunity to promote kindness, togetherness, and a welcoming school community very seriously and wanted to share our week with you!!  Please see the notes below and let us know if you have any questions. If you could also take a moment or a few moments to talk to your children about this, we would really appreciate your support of all of our goals!  

  • We held a school-wide Quarter 1 review assembly on Thursday, November 9. Our meeting was the first time our entire school community was together at the same time in our new gym, and we took this opportunity to: 1) Review points of pride from the start of the school year; 2) Identify school culture as an area to continue to make improvements and 3) Preview World Kindness Week. Our PPT Presentation is available for your review.  

  • We are super proud of our students and school so far this year. However, we feel that we can continue to make gains to promote unity, kindness and a welcoming environment for all students. Our message on Thursday focused on social media, inappropriate and hurtful comments, and items that we have no tolerance for at PR, which we reinforce often to ensure that every student feels welcomed and can meet their full potential. 

  • During our assembly, Dr. H was happy to share a favorite children's book, This is a School, which reminded our student body that we begin our school journey with wide ambitions and hopes to connect with others, and that in high school, this is just as important as our first days of elementary school.  

  • World Kindness Week ThemesLast week, we celebrated World Kindness Week. You can see our themes for each day below. Students completed various activities in their homerooms to pledge kindness towards each other, and today, we're hosting a Friendsgiving lunch. One of these activities, our Pump You Up Pumpkin challenge, is described here by senior students Ethan Wygant and Andy Forrester. It is worth a watch for both the kindness and comedy value!

  • Service to others is one way that we help prepare our students to be community leaders and community ready.  Already this year, our student section and volleyball team have raised over $10,000 to support pediatric and breast cancer research through separate fundraisers; our senior students have been traveling to the elementary schools to read and connect with elementary students, and many other examples of service to others have occurred. Our next service initiative is to continue to support Jax Ramirez, who is the son of our secondary school psychologist, Dr. Missy Ramirez. We shared Jax’s message during our assembly yesterday, and we will have a booth at Friendsgiving to help students see how to support Jax. There will also be swabbing opportunities for our 18-year-old seniors.

  • Over the next week week, student leaders from our Principal's Advisory Committee will be visiting 9th grade homerooms to reinforce the lessons they have learned as high school students and to discuss school culture. These will be brief, peer-led homeroom group sessions to help our ninth-grade students continue to acclimate to high school and make meaningful connections with upperclassmen. 

We hope that through reading this message and reviewing it with your children, that you can see that Kindness Matters A Lot at Pine-Richland High School.  



Dr. Hernandez

Mr. Barlak

Mr. Cawley

Mrs. Kuchnicki