February 16, 2024

Happy Friday PR Families!                                                   

We are excited to share a quick message with you to celebrate Black History Month and to spotlight the work of our Black Student Union.  This month, we have celebrated the contributions of influential and famous African Americans in many of our classes.  It is our hope that these lessons have inspired our students through learning about others and the positive impact that diversity has on our society.  Since celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day last month, we have asked our students and staff that their daily interactions display kindness and care for all people in an effort to honor Dr. King and make our community a better place!                                               

Our Black Student Union (BSU) at PRHS includes students of multiple backgrounds, ethnicities, and races, and this group has worked hard to uplift Dr. King’s message to our school community while honoring Black History Month.  We are currently working on our main bulletin board, and our BSU students have worked with staff to develop a display that we are adding to throughout the month of February to recognize the impact of influential African-American individuals.  Our goal is to develop this display to showcase prominent quotes and individuals throughout the months of February and March. In their collective work, BSU is recognizing historic individuals, athletes, artists, scientists, clothing designers, and local individuals for their contributions towards improving our society for black Americans and all individuals.   This communication showcases a few of the displays that they have already completed.  We look forward to sharing our completed bulletin board with you later this month!! 

Our Black Student Union is a group of students dedicated to not only celebrating African-American culture and pride, but they are also focused on improving school culture and awareness of the positive impact of diversity for all students.  It is common for their meetings to include students from many different backgrounds, and they are always accepting of any student that would like to join.  If your child is interested in joining BSU, please do not hesitate to reach out and find out how they can get involved.  Dr. Hernandez, Coach LeDonne, and Mrs. Williams are currently supporting this excellent group of students as sponsors, and we would be happy to have your child join BSU and connect them with our excellent BSU student officers.  BSU would also like to recognize and thank Mrs. Mary Folmer and Mrs. Loni Gillis for their help in creating and organizing our display.  


Thank you for taking a moment to read our spotlight on Black History Month and our BSU group at PRHS!  We look forward to sharing our completed display with you soon!!

PRHS Administrative Team