2013-2014 Preliminary Budget

2013-2014 Proposed Preliminary
General Fund Budget (PDE-2028)
Executive Summary  

Feb. 12, 2013


Dear Community:
By adopting this budget, the school board is requesting the ability to file for exceptions from the Act 1 index. The business office will begin calculations on exceptions upon approval of this preliminary budget and be prepared to submit those items under the Act 1 guidelines prior to March 7, 2013. Exceptions filed will be posted on the district website for public review.   
Currently, there many unknown costs and revenue projections to accurately present the final budget.  We are committed to present a responsible budget for the school district. The administration will provide updates to both the Board of Directors and the public as they become available. 

The budget has been available for public inspection since Jan. 23, 2013 in anticipation of the Pine-Richland School Board of Directors' approval at their meeting on Feb. 11, 2013.

The proposed preliminary budget does include an estimated millage, which has been lowered because of the Allegheny County reassessments. We are basing the rate on estimated variables, which have yet to be finalized. The proposed preliminary budget does require a 4.24% millage increase in real estate taxes to meet projected expenditures.

Please be aware that this is a working document and is not an indication of final millage rates, which may be levied to support district operations. School directors and administrators have the opportunity to seek exceptions to the established, adjusted index under Act 1, if a millage increase would be warranted.  
Please note, we are in the early phases of analysis and development of the budget, which continues to provide for all student programs and initiatives. Several details required to complete the budget are unknown variables at this time including:
  • Insurance Rates for Health & Liability Coverage
  • Uncertain Real Estate Assessment Values
  • State Subsidy Estimates

In the coming months, the district will obtain this critical information, which will better help define budgetary needs. The administration will work through the challenges and continue analyzing trends and operational areas in which funds can be saved, while keeping the board and public informed of changes, options and projections. 

We will be working closely with the PR Finance Committee to ensure the Final Operating Budget will be a responsible spending plan for students and taxpayers of the Pine-Richland School District. This board will adopt a final budget in June of 2013.

All budget deliberations with the school board are open to the public. We welcome your comments. You can email questions or comments regarding the proposed Preliminary General Fund Budget to the PR School Board at boardsecretary@pinerichland.org.

Please visit the budget communication center for the budget documents including a list of Frequently Asked Question section, by clicking here.


Respectfully submitted,
Dr. David Foley                                                                 Dana L. Siford, CPA
Interim Superintendent                                                      Director of Finance & School Services