Alison Celigoi: How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Alison Celigoi: How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
On Monday, January 12, 2015, Pine-Richland Future Business Leaders of America (PR-FBLA) continued its monthly speaker series. This month PR-FBLA welcomed a member from our own chapter, Alison Celigoi. Rather than have an individual from the community speak, the club opted to showcase a member who dedicated tremendous effort to her FBLA event, Business Presentation. For this event participants are given a topic and must prepare a presentation that is recorded and submitted to PA-FBLA to be judged. Ms. Celigoi allowed her presentation about identity theft to be shown at this month’s meeting. During her presentation Ms. Celigoi demonstrated proper presentation skills while providing students with information on how to recognize and prevent identity theft. 
Ms. Celigoi informed students that there are two major types of identity theft:
1. Online identity theft 
2. Offline identity theft
Online identity thieves target people through phishing, or fake websites, and pop-up ads. In order to prevent online identity theft it is important to:
1. Update security software
2. Recognize scams like phishing 
3. Create strong passwords that are different for each account 
Offline identity thieves target people by stealing their personal mail, and wallets. Measures you can take to prevent offline identity theft include:
1. Shredding important documents
2. Limiting what you carry (credit cards, cash, etc.)
3. Protecting your mail
Ms. Celigoi’s final piece of advice, keep you private information private. Be aware that criminals can access information through social media, text messages, and emails. This meeting encouraged the young professionals in FBLA to protect themselves from the dangerous repercussions of identity theft. Thank you to Ms. Alison Celigoi for sharing her expertise with the students of PR-FBLA.