Mr. David Jeter Addresses the Generation Gaps in Corporate America Giving Students Advice on How to Stand Out

On Monday, October 19, 2015, Pine-Richland Future Business Leaders of America (PR-
FBLA) kicked off its speaker series and welcomed Mr. David Jeter.  Mr. Jeter spoke on the 
influence and impact of generations and the drastic differences between “Baby Boomers,” 
“Generation X,” Generation Y,” and “Generation Z.” Mr. Jeter is a professional in the finance 
industry for 23 years. He is friendly, outgoing, and enjoys answering other people’s questions. 
His passion is providing solutions for people who request financial assistance. 
Mr.Jeter explained the differences between “Generation Z” and previous 
generations. His topic is focused on “Generation Z,” being that the students of PR-FBLA could 
easily relate. “Generation Z” is the first digital/global generation; a generation that does not 
know how to cope without smart phones. Economic instabilities, occurring from 2000-2002 and 
in 2008, created for a generation that craved security and creative freedom in a corporate setting. 
“Generation Z” has passion and innovation and approximately 95% of this generation continues 
to college after high school. This generation, Mr. Jeter explains, relies heavily on parent/guardian 
Mr. Jeter further illustrated the gaps that “Generation Z” experiences. These are as 
1. A need for personal responsibility 
2. Increased optimism 
3. Stronger strength evaluation 
4. A need to take care of selves outside of work to provide for a healthier work setting 
This speaker prompted students to escape the stereotypical norms associated with 
“Generation Z.” It was stated that students should do the unexpected to stand out from their 
generation. Thank you to Mr. David Jeter for sharing his time and expertise with the students of