Ms. Mary Grace Musuneggi Advises Students to "Get up, Get Dressed, Get Going"

On Monday, October 17, 2016, Pine-Richland Future Business Leaders of America (PR-FBLA) began their monthly speaker series with Ms. Mary Grace Musuneggi. Ms. Musuneggi is the Chairman and CEO of the Musuneggi Financial Group and the Founder and Executive Director of Single Steps Strategies. Aside from her companies, Ms. Musuneggi is a motivational speaker and has also won many awards including the 2016 Humanitarian Award from the National Association of Insurance and Financial Planning, Lifetime Circle of Honor Award from Veravest Investments, and numerous others. PR-FBLA was more than ready to listen to what Ms. Musuneggi came to share.


Ms. Musuneggi discussed success strategies. She began by asking the group to define success. Sophomore member, Jordan Labouda defined it as: “When you set a goal and achieve it.” Senior member, Katie Dorundo defined it as: “Having an end result that is better than what you started with.” While they weren’t wrong, Ms. Musuneggi likes to define success as: “Doing what you love to do and making a living out of it.”


According to Ms. Musuneggi, there are three key principles in order to achieve success. They are as follows:

  1. Attitude

  2. Know what you know and don’t know

  3. Ask for help

On the topic of attitude, Ms. Musuneggi stressed that one needs to be able to see himself as successful and be optimistic. She used the example of Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. Winnie the Pooh is someone who wakes up every day with the right attitude and is able to achieve what he wants no matter the circumstances. Eeyore is a pessimist who starts the day off with a poor attitude that carries out and ultimately leads to him never being successful because he is not happy. Ms. Musuneggi shared with us what her mother called the answer to everything: Get up, get dressed up, get going. It is with this philosophy that someone will be able to start their day off well. Attitude is highly important because while we may not be able to control what happens around us, we control how we react to it and how we will let it affect us. We must keep moving. We must also avoid the parade rainers. No one needs to deal with someone that will only bring them down, therefore we must remove the negative people in our lives.


Speaking on what we know and don’t know, Ms. Musuneggi shared a story of when she tried to re-wallpaper a bathroom herself. She realized she needed to admit that that was not something she knew how to do. When one can admit that to themselves, it leads into her final point.


Her final strategy for success is to ask for help. If you don’t know, ask someone who does. It will help you reach your goal quicker and help you to get what you want. If you know what to ask and who to ask, along with the other strategies, it will surely lead you on the path of success.


Kiersten Maxwell