Skills, Habits and Strategies for Success

On February 12th, 2018, Pine-Richland FBLA continued our speaker series with Dr. Todd Jochem. Dr. Jochem shared his tips for turning oneself into a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Jochem is an accomplished entrepreneur himself, having started and sold two companies of his own in the robotics field.

Dr. Jochem summed up a successful entrepreneur through the skills, habits, and strategies they utilize daily. Skills entrepreneurs use include communication, persistence, and the ability to find win/win situations. In any field, communication is a valuable skill. You have to be able to convey your ideas and findings to others in an effective way. No one’s path to success is a straight shot up. There will be things that knock you down, but persistence and rising above setbacks is key. Finally, it’s easy to find a situation that benefits you, but a good entrepreneur will find a way to make a situation beneficial for everyone.

There are a few habits that can also be found in many successful entrepreneurs, such as hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. As Dr. Jochem put it, “If you’re going to have uncommon goals, you’ll have to work uncommonly hard.” This hard work is guaranteed to involve sacrifice and dedication to your end goal. Entrepreneurs have found strategies that have helped them in their careers immensely. One is to be goal-oriented and look to make progress in your goals daily. Another is to play the long game. Looking ahead can help you to make the right decisions today to secure your future and grow. Finally, surround yourself with the right people. Instead of trying to be the smartest person in the room, hire and work with others who are smarter than you and who push you to be better. They will ultimately be huge assets to your team and help you even more to reach your goals.

Thank you to Dr. Jochem for taking the time to come speak with Pine-Richland FBLA.

Holly Holmes, Reporter