Have Fun, Seek Balance, and Enjoy the Ride

Have Fun, Seek Balance, and Enjoy the Ride - Mr. Jim Zink


            Pine-Richland FBLA continued this year’s Speaker Series on December 10, 2018, with Mr. Jim Zink, who directs the operations of Zink Foodservice. This includes strategic planning, organizational and business development, sales management, and customer service. He serves on several manufacturer representative councils as well as the NAFEM-MAFSI Liaison committee. He was the 2006 recipient of FE&S magazine’s Top Achiever award for manufacturer’s representatives. He attended the University of Notre Dame where he received a degree in Finance.
            Mr. Zink talked about his tips for success starting with, “No matter what you do, these are things I think I’ve learned throughout my life that will be key to success.” He explained that these tips are for your personal life and professional life. He then went on to explain that many people he knows have sacrificed their personal lives for their professional ones, but it is all about having a balance, not prioritizing one or the other. He shared some of his tips with us:

  • Be a great listener. He explained that we must take a very curious approach and can find our opportunities in those conversations.
  • Set goals and visualize where you want to be in the future. Zink explained that we should write our goals down to prepare us for the future. Journaling and planning ahead can help with this.
  • Be enthusiastic and positive in what you do. Zink said, “Nobody likes being around someone who’s negative. One of the only things you can control in your life is your attitude.” This is so applicable to us as teenagers because we constantly seem to complain about how difficult our lives are. We must learn to control this and instead, have a better attitude.
  • Establish a strong work ethic. Just being smart is not enough, and there is more to life than that. We must learn how to work hard as well.
  • Develop sound relationships. Zink explained that this world is much smaller than we think. He says that we must treat people how we want to be treated and think of everything from a long-term perspective. We must make it about the other person, not ourselves, and this “good karma” will come back to us.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a chance. He explained that it is very difficult to be successful without taking a risk.
  • Believe in yourself. According to Mr. Zink, you must be able to sell your value and confidence is key!
  • Guard two things in your life: your time and your attitude. We must learn to be able to say “no” so that we do not waste our time.
  • Never stop learning. The smartest people are the most curious and they are always starting to learn. Mr. Zink’s explained that reading is underrated in our society. It enriches our mind and we must make time for it.
  • Give back! We must learn to be more grateful and appreciative of our lives and try to help others. Mr. Zink explained that he is involved in a Cancer Research charity and he raised over $2 million for this.
  • Have fun, seek balance, and enjoy the ride. Mr. Zink explained that events and results are outcomes. According to him, we must stop complaining and blaming others and just have some fun in our lives.


Thank you to Mr. Zink for taking the time to come speak with Pine-Richland FBLA.


Mahika Sampat, Reporter