“Communication is a Journey, not a Destination”

“Communication is a Journey, not a Destination” - Mr. Battaglia


Pine-Richland FBLA continued this year’s Speaker Series on Monday, March 11, 2019, with Mr. Battaglia, the Chief Executive Officer of Crown Brands LLC. Crown Brands is a leading importer of commercial foodservice products distributed into the North American markets. Key Product lines are cookware, bakeware, beverageware, flatware, tableware, and barware. Prior to joining Crown Brands, he was the President of Island Oasis for eight years

He has three children all graduates of Pine-Richland.

Mr. Battaglia first started by saying that communication is key. He explained that your resume could be flawless, but when you are in an interview and you cannot effectively communicate, all of this goes to waste. He said that one of the best skills of a leader is effective communication. He said, “You’re never going to be perfect, it’s about improvement. It’s progress, not perfection.” He told us that the easiest way to do this is to simply start by using the word “like” less. He said that the biggest communication problem that he sees in young people is that they use ‘like” too much in sentences, and this clouds what they are saying. It makes a person who is probably very competent and intelligent seem less intelligent than he/she actually is. He also explained that young professionals should not use jargon in their verbal language. This goes with rambling and not being clear in communication. Mr. Battaglia told us that the best and most effective communication is that which is clear and concise. He also urged us to talk with emotion and passion and to not be monotone. He explained that we should “practice speaking” with this kind of emotion. He said that one of the most important classes he took was one called “public speaking,” and that he ended up using skills from that class later in his life.

Second, Mr. Battaglia talked about non-verbal communication. He explained that we should be natural and use our hands when we talk, have facial expressions, and make sure not to overthink. He explained that we should not slouch and look down, and that good posture as well as where you position yourself in a conversation is critical. He also said that eye contact is key and that it shows the person that you are talking to that you are fully engaged in what he/she is saying.

Third, Mr. Battaglia discussed written communication, saying that social media has ruined the use of written communication. He says that to combat this, we should review and have others review everything that we write. This kind of constructive criticism, according to Mr. Battaglia, is critical to our growth and development as effective writers. He explained that short paragraphs and bullet points are the best ways to effectively communicate through the written language.

Last, Mr. Battaglia also explained that a lack of being able to communicate properly may be associated with a lack of confidence and being comfortable in front of an audience. He related this to sports, saying that just like in sports, you get better with practice. He said that very few people start out with immense talent in sports and communication and that without practice, people cannot become consistently good at something. Though there might be some natural talent, work ethic and constant practice help to keep this up. He also explained that becoming comfortable in front of an audience is difficult and takes a lot of time, but it gets better in better. When asked how long it took him to become comfortable in front of an audience, Mr. Battaglia explained that it never goes away entirely, but he learns how to control his nerves better. He ended by telling us that nervousness is a good trait to have. This makes you feel prepared because you are constantly on your toes. You are more inclined to work a little harder and prepare a little better because it forces you to want to be more effective.


Thank you to Mr. Battaglia for taking the time to come speak with Pine-Richland FBLA.


Mahika Sampat, Reporter