Spring Forum 2019: Developing Effective Leadership Skills - Mr. Keith Cuyar and Mrs. Cynthia M. Dorundo

Developing Effective Leadership Skills - Mr. Keith Cuyar and Mrs. Cynthia M. Dorundo


    Pine-Richland FBLA continued this year’s Speaker Series on Tuesday, April 30th at our annual Spring Forum with Mr. Keith Cuyar, an Account Manager at Amazon, and Mrs. Cynthia M. Dorundo, a healthcare consultant at Healthcare Economics, Logistics, Informatics, and Transformation.

Mr. Keith Cuyar talked first talked to us about his company. He explained that Amazon, the company he works for, is a leader in cloud computing, an emerging field. He then went on to talk about leadership principles. First, he discussed customer obsession, meaning that everything is about the customer. When working for a business, making the customer happy and content is extremely critical. Second, Mr, Cuyar explained that the best leaders are always curious and hungry for more knowledge. He also said that strong, good leaders take action. These leaders do not shy away from having initiative and when needed. He went on to say that speed truly matters in business, and making deadlines is critical in all aspects. Also, he said to take advantage of job opportunities and that making connections is vital to success in the business world. He then connected this to the importance of communication skills, saying that “if you don’t get your message across, you’re never going to get ahead.” After he was done talking, some students asked questions about how technology is changing the business landscape. Mr. Cuyar mentioned that collaboration and digital presentations are a lot more common and that this makes business much easier, especially for a company as large as Amazon. When asked what the most valuable thing he learned from Amazon is, Mr. Cuyar said that he has gotten very good at doing research online and distinguishing fact from opinion.

Our second speaker was Mrs. Cynthia M. Dorundo, MBA, MHA. First, she explained that she is from the healthcare sector of the world. She then talked about important life skills to have as a leader:

  • Being able to listen
  • Empathy for others
  • Accountability and Approachability
  • Determination and Engagement
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Honesty
  • Innovative
  • Passionate and Purposeful


She also made a very important point that young leaders should never be afraid to delegate tasks. This relates to many students at Pine-Richland High School who take a lot of work, especially in group projects. Instead, students should learn how to properly delegate tasks and trust others to complete their portions of the work. Also, she explained that positivity is critical to a healthy work environment no matter the field. She even talked about the Golden Rule, explaining that we must always treat others in a respectful manner. Last, Mrs. Dorundo discussed that dressing the part is much more important than we may think. She explained that this adds to a person’s character, and is critical for success. Mrs. Dorundo finally introduced the activity: a Shark Tank activity where students assembled in groups and came up with an invention or business idea. Some of the highlights from the Shark Tank were a temperature adjustable mattress, an easy way to charge devices from a distance, camping rentals, and an amusement park app.


Thank you to Mr. Keith Cuyar and Mrs. Cynthia M. Dorundo for taking the time to come speak with Pine-Richland FBLA.


Mahika Sampat, Reporter