Successful People and Their Successful Habits

Continuing our speaker series, we were pleased to welcome Mr. David Jeter on April 12th. Mr. Jeter is a certified financial planner in partnership with the Allegheny Financial Group. With his immense experience working in the financial services, he advised prospective financial students to consider the three different streams of work: corporate finance, capital markets, and personal finance. He was kind enough to share with us insight on what facilitates success in all fields of work as well, or the elements of success.

The value of being a good listener is the first point he emphasized. The art of listening allows for innovation and free flowing communication, thus laying the foundation for successful work relationships. He continued to convey essential skills through the anecdotes of celebrities that inspire him, such as Benny Blanco, Peter Thiel, Glenn Greenwald and Khloe Kardashian. Through their examples, he showed that looking towards a variety of successful people, in all different fields, can prove to be beneficial.

Mr. Jeter watched an interview with Benny Blanco, songwriter/artist, where he proclaimed that when it comes to collaborating with other artists, he prefers that they have the same values as his friends, or people that he would want to be friends with. He surrounds himself with people that make it easy to get that work done. From this, Mr. Jeter extracted that Benny Blanco is an easy person to work with.

He then discussed the successful endeavors of venture capitalist, Peter Thiel. Peter has founded many successful companies and was the first outside investor of Facebook. With this, Mr. Jeter touched on a combination of EQ and IQ. Sure, IQ is intelligence, but without EQ what you can do with it is limited. Mr. Jeter describes EQ as being “self aware, self motivated, empathetic, and having social awareness.” All of these elevate IQ and allow it to work for you.

Glenn Greenwald came next, who Mr. Jeter described as “[someone] with very strong opinions”. However, despite disagreeing with most of his beliefs, Mr. Jeter respects Greenwald's consistent efforts in defending everyone's right to an opinion. His writing, which is often published on substack, is written in a manner that challenges the thinking of his readers. Rather than simply inciting disagreement, he wants his readers to understand how his ideas and opinions are formed, and is consistent in doing so.

Lastly, Mr. Jeter explained that over the quarantine period, he had watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians once in a while. While doing so, he came to realize Khloe Kardashian’s respectable traits. He characterized her as reliable, truthful, and committed. A woman who starts work and always finishes it, but does so by staying faithful to her values. “She tries to excel on a daily basis”, he explained.

After explaining the admirable qualities in all these successful people, Mr. Jeter left us with the 4 core ones: intelligence, reliability, consistency, and being easy to work with. Like all these people, it is important to be sure and confident of yourself. When doing business, it is key to stay true to yourself and values and to work for your own mission… not someone else's.

Thank you for joining us and sharing this valuable information with Pine-Richland FBLA, Mr. Jeter.