The Importance of Meaningful Connections and Relationships

Our speaker, Coach Dave Gray, began the meeting with a little and simple game. The game was to count to 20 with everyone in the room. The catch was if more than one person said the same number, then the count would restart. Coach Gray had everyone look forward with hands on the table and he proceeded to run the game. After about three times of messing up the group was able to count to 20. Coach Gray said that the reason for the game was to establish teamwork and team building because everyone had to trust and rely on each other during the game. He discussed how he would play the same game with different companies when he gets brought in because it helps to unite and bring teams together.


Continuing along in the meeting, Coach Gray then grabbed a ball with different questions written on it. He proceeded to toss the ball to different members of the organization and whatever question their right thumb landed they would read and answer. The purpose of this was to get the different people involved and to speak, which ultimately establishes connections within the organization.


Moving along with the theme of establishing connections and meaningful relationships, Coach Gray talked about his 3 key ingredients for deeper connections. These 3 ingredients include:

  1. Physically present

  2. Create intellectual connections

  3. Be enthusiastic

Starting off with his first ingredient, physically present, Coach Gray talked about how important it is to be in person with people. He touched on how this has changed recently due to the pandemic and its lingering effects, but being present physically is the first step to creating deep connections. Moving to his second ingredient, creating intellectual connections. This refers to asking people questions and starting conversations with others you are talking to. The example he gave is asking people how they are doing today and if they have anything enjoyable later in the week or that day. These simple questions build those deeper connections and establish a relationship with the other party. Touching on the final ingredient, being enthusiastic, which refers to the energy that you bring to whatever you put your mind to. Coach Gray gave the example of the birthday party he ran for a 5 year old with around 40 children in attendance. He said that he had his work cut out for him at first. However, due to him being enthusiastic the whole time, he was able to get the children excited and to work together and play one sport for the duration of the party. This was one example of how being enthusiastic helps to unite people and when people are connected it allows them to form bonds and connections. At the end of the meeting, he reminded them of the importance of deep and meaningful relationships and that now is the time to plant the seeds for those relationships to flourish and blossom.


Thank you on behalf of PR-FBLA for your time and all of your detailed insights, Coach Gray


-Sami Saah, Reporter