"Life Ain't Fair and Jim Don't Care"

Mr. Balouris kicked off the meeting by providing us with timeless wisdom on the opportunities presented. He explained that we are given endless possibilities daily, whether in the classroom,
on the football field, or with family. Mr. Balouris specifically emphasized our opportunities in education by communicating education is what you make of it. He stressed that anyone who
wants to learn can learn, and he utilizes this point to show that continued learning is essential for anyone who plans to succeed. Learning is the cornerstone of growth and provides us with the
skills to succeed in our careers and life.

Mr. Balouris continued his speech by speaking on the importance of trust and passion. As a football player at Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Balouris wanted to major in electrical engineering. However, he was unable to major in his first choice, and his coach explained that he
was able to attend the industrial management program. Despite hesitating to join this program, he trusted his coach to lead him to great things. Mr. Balouris then revealed to us how completing
this program was one of the finest decisions he had made in his life, and he explained the importance of surrounding ourselves with trustworthy people who help us to become the best versions of ourselves. He briefly transitioned to finding his passion in life: retail banking. Mr. Balouris discussed his experience at a job fair where he was told of his potential in the retail industry. Even though Mr. Balouris believed otherwise, he decided to take the advice and go into
retail banking. Due to his ability to communicate and connect with people, he immediately found his passion in retail banking. Mr. Balouris used this example to show us the significance of
identifying and using our passions in our careers because passion allows us to be more driven and efficient in our lives. Finding a career you enjoy is crucial because it will enable you to be more immersed in your environment and, therefore, more likely to find success down the road.

After discussing trust and passion, he later introduced to us the importance of utilizing the most out of our time and wasting as little of it as possible. He proceeded to give us an example of one
of his professors who claimed while being smart is essential, it is only half of the battle. The other half is showing up and using time wisely. Mr. Balouris continued with this point by saying we should refrain from burning daylight and use our time effectively. We should not spend our
time being busy; instead, we should spend it being productive.
Mr. Balouris concluded his speech by leaving us with insightful life lessons. He asserted that in life, there are many factors we cannot control. He emphasized controlling the life factors we are able to, and his saying, “Life ain’t fair and Jim don’t care,” stressed the importance of not worrying about what we can’t control. He then established the point of prioritizing servant leadership. While being a leader, it’s about leading the people we serve. Mr. Balouris emphasized that leading more successful people will most likely lead to more successful leadership, and he encouraged us to surround ourselves with people who will enable growth and development. The
final point Mr. Balouris left us off with is not being comfortable with ourselves. Life presents us with many opportunities that don’t always last, and taking advantage of them is important. Mr. Balouris stressed the importance of challenging ourselves and pushing our boundaries, and he advised us not to settle for mediocrity and accept the challenges in life. Without challenging ourselves, there is no room for growth and development to push us to be the best we can be.

On behalf of PR-FBLA, we thank you, Mr. Balouris, for your time and excellent speech. 

Chris Camp, Reporter