Mr. Joe Schmidt, President & COO of Dick's Sporting Goods Shares His Six Guiding Principles

On Monday, November 19, 2013, Pine-Richland Future Business Leaders of America (PR-FBLA) continued its monthly speaker series. PR-FBLA welcomed Mr. Joe Schmidt, President and COO of Dick’s Sporting Goods to speak at this month’s meeting. After earning an undergraduate degree in Communications Mr. Schmidt initially went on to work for Ames department store, holding positions in retail and store operations, before beginning a long career with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Currently the Chief Operating Officer for the company, Mr. Schmidt started out with various store operations jobs and worked his way up to the top. When moving on from Ames department store, he was faced with two options, the “safe bet” company or the start-up company with only 6 stores. He chose the start-up, Dick’s Sporting Goods because he said he could tell that the men from Dick’s Sporting Goods had the beginning of what would turn into a successful company. He has been with the company ever since.

 Mr. Schmidt spoke of one particularly tough point in his career that turned into one of his greatest achievements. He was assigned as manager to an Ames department store at which the employees did not care about the store, their job, the company, or their customers, only about the paycheck. He turned that around by handing out the Joe Schmidt Rah-Rah of the Week Award. The sales and success of that store instantly rose, with one employee telling him, “These associates are so proud of their store that everyone every week wants to win the Joe Schmidt Rah-Rah of the Week Award.” Mr. Schmidt has attributed some of his success to connecting with the associates who can connect with and relate to their customer.

 Mr. Schmidt’s Six Guiding Principles:


 1.      INVEST in your future - start working right away to build the future you want

 2.      Be the best at what you do. TODAY! -don’t focus on being the best professional football player when you are in high school, focus on being             the best high school football player, then the best college football player, and eventually the best professional football player

3.      Learn from STRENGTHS of others -spend time looking at others in the same positions as you, read books about them, listen to their speeches          or talk to them. Ask yourself what are three things that this person can do really well.

4.      It’s okay to be UNCOMFORTABLE -you must put yourself in uncomfortable situations to get better at them and learn.

5.      Surround yourself with the RIGHT people - connect with people who motivate you.

6.      Be a PIG -to make an eggs and bacon breakfast, the chicken was a participant, but the pig was committed.


Thank you to Mr. Joe Schmidt for sharing his time, expertise, and Guiding Principles to the students of PR-FBLA.

Reporter,Julia Palmieri