Mr. Randall King, Executive VP, PNC Tells FBLA Members to Become "Indispensible"

On Monday, December 16, 2013, Pine-Richland Future Business Leaders of America (PR-FBLA) continued its monthly speaker series. PR-FBLA welcomed Mr. Randall King, Executive Vice President of the PNC Financial Services Group, to speak at this month’s meeting. After graduating from Grove City College with a degree in Economics and Business Administration, Mr. King joined PNC. Mr. King’s single word of wisdom for PR-FBLA students was indispensability. Mr. King told students that in order to be successful in their career; they must make themselves indispensable, so that their companies cannot afford to replace them. According to Mr. King, indispensable employees are the ones who, with their hard work and drive, keep a company up and running.



 Mr. King shared a story with us about an indispensable person he encountered in his life. The man he knew started out plowing mall parking lots, worked his way up, and was able to sell his company. The secret to his rise in success was his indispensability. No one wanted to plow the parking lot because it required working very early hours in the cold and dark. But by completing this undesirable task to the best of his abilities, he was able to prove himself to be a valuable hard worker and built a successful business.

Mr. King shared with the students of PR-FBLA his tips on how to become indispensable:



Find and effectively perform a task or function within the organization that:



1.      No one else is willing to do.

2.      No one else is able to do.

3.      No one else wants to do.

4.      No one else is committed to do.


This short and sweet success strategy can help students and employees at any stage in their life reach success. Thank you to Mr. Randall King for sharing his time and expertise with the students of PR-FBLA.






Julia Palmieri