Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Pasquinelli is the Final Speaker of the 2013-2014 Speaker Series

On Monday, May 19, 2014, PR-FBLA welcomed Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Michael Pasquinelli as the final speaker for the 2013-2014 speaker series.

 Mr. Pasquinelli spoke to the students of PR-FBLA about leadership, specifically the importance of having a diverse leadership group of many unique personalities. To begin his presentation, he asked the students to draw a picture using four symbols (a square, circle, triangle, and squiggle) using three of the shapes once and one of the shapes twice in the drawing. He then proceeded to explain the different types of personalities associated with each shape. The best type of team, for anything from a sports team or a team of business leaders, is composed of a mix of each personality type.

 Mr. Pasquinelli also explained to the students of PR-FBLA what it means to be a leader while exploring the choice of when to lead, follow or wait. He showed a video in which a lone man was standing up and dancing in a crowd. Slowly, more people joined the dancing man. The first follower came, and then the crowds came shortly after. Only a few people were still seated by the end of the video. The video showed the importance of not only the leader, but of the first follower as well as the people who did not follow.

In order to decide when to lead and when to follow, it is best to decide using four factors: experience, guidance, trust, and your inner voice. Using those four key components, a person will be well equipped to decide when to lead, when to follow, and when to wait.
Thank you to Mr. Michael Pasquinelli for sharing his advice about leadership with the students of PR-FBLA.







Julia Palmieri