Author Visits Fourth Graders & Provides Valuable Creative Writing Technique


Students in fourth grade at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School have been working on their creative writing skills.  Author Sharon Warchol, who is a retired principal from Canon-McMillan School District, led students through a creative-writing lesson on May 15, 2015.

Students played a game that encouraged them to think out of the box but logically, so they could construct stories.  She shared some techniques with them and said to be a creative writer you need two things: imagination and inspiration. She reminded students that if they were having trouble finding inspiration to ask the simple question: “What would happen if….?”

“You don’t have to be an extraordinary person to be a good writer,” Mrs. Warchol told students. “You aren’t limited by experience, but by your imagination.”

She told students that creative writing is the art of making things up and encouraged students to use their imagination “muscle.”

Mrs. Warchol is the author of the book Jax Sheppard and the Seven Mirrors. Teacher Ann Fetterman said that the fourth grade teachers have been reading the novel, which is a science fiction/fantasy book, to their students as a read aloud.

In addition, teachers had parents send in their children’s writing samples from through the years, so they could incorporate them into the lesson. Mrs. Warchol showed some of the samples during her presentation.

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