Students Explore Careers

Wexford Elementary celebrated "Find Your Spark" Career Week May 18-22.

Parents were invited by classroom teachers to speak about their careers or jobs and about the "spark" that led them to their chosen fields. 

Counselor Amy Kleissas says that it’s important to provide opportunities for students to cultivate their spark.  A spark may turn into a passion that may turn into a career.

AW Beattie Career Center Principal Wesley Kuchta visited the school to talk to third graders about the center, which offers students a look into nontraditional fields. He spoke about Beattie’s Career Clusters it offers such as Human Services (Cosmetology, Culinary Aerts, Early Childhood Education & Pastry Arts), Health Services (Dental, Emergency Response & Health Science Technology), Transportation  & Building Trades (Carpentry, Automotive Technology, Auto Body Repair & HVAC) and Computer & Advanced Technology (Computer Programming, Advance Design, Agile Robotics &  Advance Manufacturing).

Students participated "Career Dress-up Day" to reflect their choices.  The PTO created a "When I Grow Up..." photo bulletin board located in the hall by the gym

Students also discussed qualities that are needed to be a successful student and employee.
Mrs. Kleissas says she worked with the Career Week Team, which included: Rachel Zimmerman, Leslie Doane, Patty Perine, Becky Miller, Cassie Muzzenigro, Chris Vins, Jen Jankowski, Amy Snyder and Laura Ball.