Organizers Provide Blood Drive Update

At the most recent blood drive on April 29, 2015, PRHS students and community members, registered 68 donors and collected 55 units of blood, 2 units of platelets and 1 unit of plasma.  
Through this school year, we collected 278 blood units which have helped close to 800 local patients receive needed blood. 
Organizer Christine Misback would like to thank all students and community members who donated and to those who volunteered their time and effort toward caring for our student and community blood donors whether in the canteen, in the nurses office, at the high school reception area  or in the background with custodial services.  
"You are all an integral part of making our blood drives successful which ultimately helps our local patients," said Mrs. Misback.
PR's summer blood drive is July 6, 2015 from 2:30 - 7 p.m. in the PRHS Atrium.  A pair of Pirate tickets will be mailed to each donor.