June Message to Community

June 26, 2015

Greetings to Pine-Richland Students, Parents and Community,

Congratulations to all for a successful 2014 – 2015 school year and especially to each student in the Class of 2015! The commencement ceremony was such a positive celebration of our students, families, and educational program. Despite a challenge with the weather and the movement of the ceremony to the high school auditorium, the level of cooperation and support exhibited by all involved was remarkable. Thank you to all for your flexibility, planning, and positive attitudes. Students in the Class of 2015 have built a foundation that will help them in their future pursuits.

The summer is an important time period for our organization. Two of the most significant priorities relate to the hiring of new staff and the completion of the master schedule. We know that the quality of the teacher has the most significant impact on student learning of all school-based factors. The process of hiring has been an area of focus for the district. We are committed to investing time and attention in a multi-step approach to bring forward the best possible candidate for each position.

There are also a number of summer work projects underway at Pine-Richland. As part of the capital funding plan, the administration and board have placed much attention on the technology infrastructure of the district. Each of the primary buildings in the district is being re-cabled with a focus on enhancing the wireless network. New back-end equipment is also necessary to ensure reliability of technology devices. After this initial work, a new phone system will be installed at all three primary buildings and Eden Hall that will tie the whole district together. Increased bandwidth between the schools will serve to further help the use of technology at Pine-Richland. The replacement of the track surface at the high school stadium is the other major project of the summer.

As mentioned last month, we are now entering another period of strategic planning to clarify direction and key priorities over the next four years. The purpose of strategic planning is to set direction in areas that are important to our mission based on the current organization situation (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) in a manner consistent with the values and beliefs of internal/external stakeholders. Thank you to all of our parents, staff, and community members who completed the electronic survey. At the daytime portion of the first Town Hall meeting yesterday, we had 44 administrators, staff, parents, students, and community members participate in small group discussions. Please consider attending the evening session of the first Town Hall process on Tuesday, June 30th at 6:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. More information is available via this link.

Thank you again for your support of the Pine-Richland School District. Enjoy the summer.

Brian Miller