Global Relations Club

Sponsors: CC Kelly & Brent Pollock


  • Mission: Global relations will be a space to listen to and empower the student voices of the PR community in matters of diversity, race, and inclusion by actively fighting against discrimination and ignorance.
  • Vision: Global relations is the first club at Pine Richland to educate about cultural sensitivity, international/domestic issues, and to provide student-led opportunities to actively work against these issues in our Pine-Richland community.
  • Values: Global relations prioritizes honesty and integrity to help other students understand, respecting others’ opinions and boundaries, empowering student voices, and supporting transparency on tough matters that our students face.
  • Opportunity to: expand the knowledge that our peers have about one another's ethnic and cultural backgrounds to promote further understanding.
  • Mission Summary: The mission of Pine-Richland High School Global Relations Club is to unite student voices on fostering cultural awareness, diversity, and actively fighting against discrimination, to make a more accepting community for all.
  • Motto:  Student Voices Pushing for Progress.