Info about PSSAs

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Information about PSSAs
September 14, 2016 

Dear Parents and Guardians:


Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) parent reports will be mailed to families on Monday, September 19, 2016.  The PSSA tests are given every spring in Math and English Language Arts in grades 3 through 8 and in Science in grades 4 and 8.  It is the school's goal to have every student score proficient or above on every test.    

In March 2014, PA Core Standards became part of Chapter 4 Academic Standards and Assessment Regulations.  Since their adoption, our teachers and administrators have worked to understand the differences between the legacy PA Academic Standards and the new PA Core Standards. 


In November, we will share our annual Academic Achievement Report with the school board and community. This annual report provides us with the data to identify trends in our schools to make curricular and instructional recommendations.


These test results are important to us. Student results over time give us a measure of how well our students are growing in their learning as well as achieving at any one time. Schools and staff are evaluated in part by how well students perform on these tests. 


Please look at your child's results closely. A PSSA Guide along with some key points are available to help you and your child better understand your child's report.  You can download the guide by clicking on this link


As a school, we will be analyzing the performance of all our students to understand the effectiveness of our educational programs and the learning needs of our students. Please call or email your building administrator(s) if you have any questions about these test results.




Michael Pasquinelli

Assistant Superintendent