PREA Participates in Service Projects

The Pine-Richland Education Association conducted a spring cleanup on April 27 in front of Eden Hall Upper Elementary and will participate in a 5K on May 20, 2017 at North Park, which generates a yearly scholarship called the Alex Fund. Teachers also generate a $3,000 scholarship each year to a deserving senior. The following teachers and other professionals participated:  

  • Janice Bagnato
  • Carol Conner
  • Joanna Firmin
  • Maureen Juliano
  • Danielle Kcehowski
  • Jen Kopach
  • Brent Pollock
  • Lisa Tiller
  • Racheal Zaspel 
  • Terry Wentz 

The part of road that the teachers and professional staff adopted along Bakerstown Road starts at Richland Elementary and ends right before the underpass of Route 8.
"We will be completing this clean up twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall," said Eden Hall Upper Elementary fourth grade teacher Racheal Zaspel.