Public school districts, including Pine-Richland, are consistently facing fiscal challenges and must balance the desire to provide diverse opportunities to our student body, both academically and through extracurricular activates, while acknowledging the financial impact on the residents and tax payers of the entire school district.  
> To provide a balance between the district’s need to offset the cost of supporting the academic and extracurricular programs of the school district, while supporting those groups and organizations who are providing support above and beyond the basic necessities of operating those programs, the school district believes an equitable split in the advertising revenue is appropriate.

  • 25% of any and all advertisement revenue obtained by booster groups or organizations shall be provided to the school district. 
  • 75% (the remaining revenue) shall go to the booster group or organization.
> The sharing of revenue only applies to Yard/Tent Sign Advertising, Banner Advertising and other advertisements that will be physically placed on the property or physical structures of the school district.  The sharing of revenue does not apply to items such as event programs, oral/announced sponsorships, and advertising that occurs off of school district property.
> As part of the approval process, each group or organization who elects to sell advertising shall provide the school district with the fee structure associated with the advertising campaign.

> The 25% share of the advertising revenue shall be turned over to the Pine-Richland School District’s Business office by way of check issued to the Pine-Richland School District, locate at 702 Warrendale Rd., Gibsonia, PA 15044, along with an accounting of the ad sales and revenue collected.
> Advertising revenue shall be remitted to the school district within 30 days of the advertisement first being displayed on school district property.