Logo, Color & Name

If a district-sanctioned group or organization chooses to use the Pine-Richland School 
District logo, mascot, colors or name, all advertisements or sponsorships shall adhere to the general guidelines below as well as the detailed specifications and logo/mascot images found on the district’s website at www.pinerichland.org/logo.

• Use original district logo and mascot design files and do not redesign, redraw or alter them from the original designs.

• Re-size the logo and mascot images as needed, but retain all proportions to avoid distortion.

• Follow the color values listed within the specification guideline to the left when using the Pantone Matching System, Hexadecimal or the RGB (Red, Green & Blue) values.

• Hyphenate Pine-Richland. Do not incorporate the hyphen when abbreviated. Correct usage examples include: Pine-Richland, Pine-Richland School District, Pine-Richland High School, PR, PRHS, PRSD, etc.
• Copy or text should incorporate a standard font such as a Times New Roman, Arial and/or Tahoma.