District Implement Kindergarten ID Tag System

Bus Identifier Dear Parents/Guardians of PM Kindergarten Students:
Pine-Richland School District is implementing a system to better identify all 
PM kindergarten students who are transported on a bus in the afternoon.  An orange tagwill be attached to your child's backpack at school on December 1, 2015.  The tag will serve as a visual reminder for the bus driver that a parent or guardian must be at the stop to receive the student. 
It is Pine-Richland School District's practice not to leave any kindergarten student at the bus stop unless there is a parent or guardian to greet them.  If a parent or guardian is not present, the bus driver will return the student to school or the bus depot, and the parents will be contacted to pick up their child.  Parents can write a letter to their child's school stating an older sibling, relative, or another adult will be authorized to meet the kindergarten student at the bus stop.  This information will be conveyed to Student Transportation of America (STA) and myself.
We consider the identification system a beneficial safety tool and urge participation.  Should your child lose the identification tag, his or her teacher will be able to provide a replacement.
Mrs. Kimberly Charney
Transportation/Facility Coordinator