Tech Questionnaires to Be Completed

Technology Questionnaires to Be Completed Week of May 23, 2016
Dear Grade 3-12 Parents/Guardians: 

Technology integration provides students and teachers with resources to enhance lessons by clarifying abstract concepts, challenging existing understandings, and providing links to world-wide information. 
At Pine-Richland School District, we frequently assess our technology needs related to hardware, software, or professional development. Through a partnership with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, we are offering our students and staff an opportunity to participate in a voluntary, anonymous  questionnaire to determine our strengths and needs related to technology usage. Students in grade 3-12 will be asked to participate.

Sample questionnaires are available for you to preview. In addition, hard copies of these sample questionnaires are located in the front office of your child's school. 
If you are not interested in your child participating in this voluntary questionnaire, please complete anOpt-Out Form and return the form with your student to his/her homeroom teacher by May 20, 2016.

The questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. They will be administered during the week of May 23, 2016. 

Similar questionnaires were completed in March of 2014. The results from this year's questionnaires will be compared with the baseline data for determining areas of growth and opportunities.  The aggregate results of these anonymous questionnaires may be used to guide Pine-Richland in making technology related purchases, writing curriculum, or planning professional development. 

Please contact your child's school office if you have any questions.
Resources for Parents
Sample Questionnaires
Opt-Out Form
Opt-Out Form (PDF Version)
Opt-Out Form (Word Version)