Students Explore Sustainability

Sustainability Presentation

Eden Hall Upper Elementary GATE students had the opportunity to further their curriculum exploration of sustainability concepts by having a guest speaker talk with their class.
The students were given the opportunity to trace food ways and learn about the environmental and health impacts of whole, local, seasonal and organic foods. One interactive activity that the students participated in, included tracing the number of individuals involved in transporting an apple grown in Washington state to the local grocery store in Pennsylvania. The second lesson she presented, provided a platform for students to investigate potential toxins that may be found in some consumer products. The students learned about the health impacts of putting these products on their bodies and how these products might affect the quality of the indoor air they breath.


Chelsea Holmes, the director of Community Education, with Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE) shared a lesson with the class and facilitated in class activities to build on the con

Student Work

cepts of food and consumer product sustainability.  Chelsea is a graduate of Chatham University’s Food Studies Master program in the School of Sustainability, which is now located on the land adjacent to the Upper Elementary school on Chatham’s Eden Hall campus. 

Through WHE’s Healthy Schools PA initiative, Chelsea delivers educational program on environmental health topics to school communities and youth through out Pennsylvania. The first lesson she presented focused on the food system.

With lots of thoughtful questions and intriguing discussions the students were able to problem solve and brainstorm ideas on how to have more sustainable systems in place for both food and consumer product categories.

Thank you to parent Krist Wees for setting up the program through teachers Joanna Sovek and Jen Kopach and sharing information and photos.