Team Earns 1st in Battle of Books Competition

Battle of Books Group
Eden Hall Upper Elementary School is proud to have a winning team participate in the Battle of the Books at Edeworth Elementary School in Sewickley.  
The two teams from Eden Hall were the Noble Book Warriors and the Eden Hall Elites.  Eden Hall Elites came in first place. Both teams were coached by Teacher Christina Strine and Librarian Beth Shenefiel. This was the first time Eden Hall has had fifth grade teams participating in the Battle of the Books.
The competition, which was held on March 30, 2016 challenges the teams to read 15 books, which represent different genres.
Each team was assigned 15 books to read between the beginning of February and the end of March. Students had to answer trivia questions about the books on the night of the Battle of the Books.
 There were 15 questions per round, one from each book.  The fifth grade Battle was finished in two rounds.  The fourth grade battle went three full rounds.  This was the first year he Eden Hall has participated in Battle of the Books with fourth or fifth grade teams.
Battle of Books
Eden Hall Elites was made up of fifth-grade team members Ava Miller, Gianna Rotelli, Sophia Menke, Cameron Tino and Rylee Branscum. They are shown in the photo above to left.
Eden Hall B (photo to the right) to the Power of 3 were made up of fourth-grade team members: Michael Laterri, Lauren Golla, Lauren Lobo, Jayden Lahoti, Jack Harris and Damian Ivanov (not pictured). Damian was unable to attend Battle of Books but participated in the process.

Eden Hall Noble Book Warriors were made up of fifth-grade team members  Dylan Santini, Korey Moore (not pictured), Charlotte Sander, Liam Daniello and Asia Knirnschild. Korey participated but was unable to be a part of the final Battle of Books. They are shown in the photo above with the Eden Hall Elites.