Students Learn Lesson of Hardship

 Third Graders in Ms. Perine's
& Mr. Vins' Classrooms
Students at Wexford Elementary School take a history lesson to heart. Each year, students take time to really understand more about the pilgrims and their way of life, which students discovered wasn’t quite so easy.

The third graders dressed up as pilgrims to get themselves in the right frame of mind and went through the annual simulation.

Students participate in different simulations from the beginning of the pilgrims' trip from Holland to life in the Plymouth Colony. Third-grade teacher Christopher Vins says the students work in groups and the teachers read descriptions of the pilgrim's experience and then asked the students.

Students quickly understand and discuss the hardships the pilgrims encountered which includes not having access to food or shelter.

The program is a tradition at Wexford Elementary. This is the 17th year the school has hosted the simulation.

While one of goals of the project is to have students come away with a greater understanding of the very first thanksgiving, students come away with more of an understanding of what they have to be thankful.