Science Road Show Stops at Richland Elementary School

The Carnegie Science Center brought an interactive, hands-on lesson called Chemical Concoction and Forces, Matter & Motion to Richland Elementary School thanks to the PTO.

March 9-11, 2016, students in first grade learned more about the states of matter (solids, liquids & gases) and chemical reactions through fun, hands-on lessons.

Presenters had students create chalk to see how chemical reactions work and silly putty to introduce the properties of polymers, a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together.

Tracy Hanna’s first graders enjoyed the hands-on activities that makes complex concepts simple to understand.

Presenter Kristie Parkinson says the focus of the program is to bring new and interesting science experiments to the students.

On March 7, 2016, students in first grade were treated to Forces, Matter & Motion experiments also led by the Carnegie Science Center.

Through fun, visual experiments, students learned more about force, gravity, friction and speed and how mass, friction and other forces can have on speed and motion.

The program is generously planned and paid for by the PTO. Many parents helped volunteer during the sessions.