RE Teacher Earns PROF Grant

Teacher Erica Savannah knows the importance of teaching art appreciation. That’s why she took the time to research and write a grant to be able to launch a project entitled Elementary Art Exploration.

The $300 grant was funded by the Pine-Richland Opportunities Fund and involved the help of community member Criss Jones, a K-12 certified art teacher, who visited students and walked them through sketching and watercolor techniques.

“Students had the opportunity to create chicks,” said Ms. Savannah. “The project all began with a story about chicks. Students learned about the life cycle of the animal and as a culminating project they created chicks on paper with the use of feathers, markers and watercolors.”

More than 100 kindergartners benefited from the project.

“Through the lesson, the children gained an understanding of art appreciation, vocabulary, and art techniques,” said Ms. Savannah. “These sessions will also help prepare them for weekly art classes once they enter first grade.”

The project not only prepped students for art in first grade, the project connected to the new Wonders English Language Arts program and the PA kindergarten science standards.

Students had the opportunity to write about and identify story elements.  They also completed several science objectives which included identifying baby animals and their parents and learning about the life cycle.

“This project will be fun and interactive, all while integrating learning at the same time,” she said. “Children will be able to create a work of art and make valuable connections between language arts and science. The students will be challenged to create art projects that they normally would not get the opportunity to do. Children LOVE to create. It is an innate ability that all children possess. This experience will help develop the WHOLE child and will be something they do not get to experience on a weekly basis.”