Theater Students Direct 'The Matchmaker'

Pine-Richland High School Theater students presented Thornton Wilder's "The Matchmaker" at 7 p.m. on April 14 & 15, 2016 in the high school auditorium.
Theater Teacher Michelle Bruno says the production is "Hello, Dolly" before the music.
"This is a romantic comedy turned up and a lot of fun," said Mrs. Bruno.  
The program was directed by students. Each night featured different directors and different cast members.
The interact club collected donations at the door for Riding for the Handicapped for Western PA during all shows. 
More about the Show 
Directors: Andrea Kleckner & Abigail Biernesser

Cast Members:
Horace Vandergelder- Jacob Pedersen
Dolly Levi-Emily Erikson and Emily Stephen
Irene Molly-Olivia Folmer and Lauren Rock
Minnie Fay-Sophia Clegg and Esa Glass
Cornelious Hackel-Tanner Douglas
Barnaby Tucker-Donny Bryant
Ambrose Kemper-Declan AlLwein
Ermengarde-Abigail George
Flora Van Huysen- Meg Ahearn
Malachi Stack- Mia Ginocchi
Cabman-Lindsey Beck
Cook-Chloe Stemberger
Joe Scanlon-Amara Busa
Gertrude-Emma Arrisher
Rudolph-Tessa Cory
August-Lauren Rock

Crew:  Megan Gallo, Ashlynn Thompson, Jonah Krause, Sammi Margolin, Alex Hunkele, Megan Coddington, Caleb Swineford, Jack Baldauff, Marc Cheetham, Anastasia Crankovic, Danielle Pillart, Lauren Peterman, Katie Larrimer, Brigita Ivanska, Kori Gallo, Rachel Ward, Mahika Sampat, Cara Sauers and Gianna Chrostowski
Performance on Friday, April 15, 2016

Directors Megan Gallo and Ashlynn Thompson.

Cast Members:
Horace Vandergelder - Jonah Krause
Dolly Levi - Sammi Margolin
Irene Molly - Alex Hunkele
Minnie Fay - Megan Coddington
Cornelious Hackel - Caleb Swineford
Barnaby Tucker - Jack Baldauff
Ambrose Kemper - Marc Cheetham
Ermengarde - Anastasia Crankovic
Flora Van Huysen - Danielle Pillart
Malachi Stack - Lauren Peterman
Cabman - Katie Larrimer
Cook - Brigita Ivaska
Joe Scanlon - Kori Gallo
Gertrude - Gianna Chrostowski
Rudolph - Rachel Ward
August - Mahika Sampat
Understudy Vandergelder - Cara Sauers
Understudy Mrs. Levi - Gianna Chrostowski
Understudy Ermengarde - Mahika Sampat 
Crew: Andrea Kleckner Abigail Biernesser Jacob Pedersen Emily Erikson Olivia Folmer Sophia Clegg Tanner Douglas Donny Bryant Declan Alwein Abigail George Margaret Ahearn Mia Ginocchi Lindsey Beck Chloe Stemberger Amara Busa Emma Arrisher Tessa Cory Lauren Rock Emily Stephen Esa Glass Lauren Rock