Teams Qualify for State Odyssey of Mind Program

Several Pine-Richland Teams competed at the Odyssey of the Mind Western Pennsylvania Regional Tournament. 

Three teams earned first place. They include:

  • Eden Hall Team (Problem 1/Division 1) Tied for first place - Team members include Gabrielle Boudreau, Nicolai Ezolt, Damian Ivanov, Avyukta Nagrath, Ethan Priore, Ryan Scott and Mia Tucciarone.  The coach for this team was parent Sarah Ezolt.
  • Eden Hall Team (Problem 4/Division 2) Earned first place -  Team members include Miles Brown, Joshua Katruska, Tadg Manna, Colby Ohlund, Colin Ohlund and Amish Sethi.  The coach for this team was parent Julie Katruska. 
  • PRMS 8th Grade Team (Problem 1/Division 1) Earned first place -  Team members include Erin Ahearn, Tejal Gupta, Nicholas Michel, Adrienne Rock, Arden Webster. The coach for this team was parent Susan Michel and Teacher Kathy Deal is the sponsor.

The first-place teams advance to the State Finals on April 2, 2016 at Moon Area High School & Middle School.

The PRMS 7th grade team comprised of team members Mia Baker, Gianna Julio, Catherine Lee, Rebecca Peng, Melissa Riggins and Delaney Rodriguez also competed.

The teams were challenge to solve a long-term problem over the last four to five months. They used their creativity skills and team work to develop their presentation for the competition.  In addition, the teams had to solve a spontaneous problem that day.  They were scored on their long-term problem solution, the “style” of the presentation, and their spontaneous problem solved.

The seventh grade and one of the Eden Hall Team created a presentation and constructed a vehicle in Problem #1: No-Cycle Recycle” where they had to build, ride on, and drive a no-cycle vehicle.  The vehicle had to travel without propulsion and the driver and rider had to help process the trash items being repurposed. 

The second Eden Hall team had to solve Problem 4 called “Stack Attack!” The problem required teams to design, build and test a structure, made only of balsa wood and glue that was able to blance and support as much weight placement

The eighth grade team of students solved Problem # 5 called “Fins, Fur, Feather, and Friends.”  The team had to create and present a humorous performance depicting problem solving from the perspective of three different animals.  The animals had to help a stranger, help each other, and solve a problem that threatens the survival of all animals.

This was the 31st annual regional tournament.  The Odyssey of the Mind program promotes creativity by challenging teams to solve divergent problems.  By working in teams, participants learn teamwork, the appreciation and understanding of others, and that a group is a more powerful thinking force than an individual.  Through preparatory activities they work on brainstorming and role-playing.  All preparation is done out of the school setting.