MS Names Top Fundraisers

Candy Sales The parent organizations are strong supporters of the schools. That’s no exception with the PRMS Parent Staff Association, who launched a fundraiser with the support of the staff, students and their families.

The association announced its 2016 candy sale winners.

They include seventh graders:

Top Winner
John Desantes  raised $484.80 in candy sales. He won a 21-inch Sarris chocolate bunny.

Second-Place Winner
Gianna Martinez raised $435.85 in candy sales and won an 18-inch Sarris chocolate bunny.

Third-Place Winner
Abby Arrisher raised $418.90 in candy sales and won a 15-inch Sarris chocolate bunny.

Five additional students earned an Honorable Mention and chocolate bunnies for selling more than $200.  The students included:


  • Seventh Grader Joshua Pugh with $400.35 in sales
  • Seventh Grader Hunter Cromer with $341.15 in sales
  • Seventh Grader Tom Catalano with $309.00 in sales
  • Eighth Grader Enyo Akwayena with $273.90 in sales
  • Eighth Grader Will Duerksen with $269.45 in sales 



“Thank you for supporting the Sarris Candy sale,” said Mrs. Denise Duerksen, PSA Fundraiser representative.

The sale raised more than $2,000 for school programs like Ram Rewards and the eighth grade recognition program.