Students Host Poetry Jam

In honor of National Poetry Month, students from PRHS Teacher Leticia Harshman's College Prep English class, presented Poetry Jam 2016. The event took place Friday, April 15 in the STEAM LGI.

As in previous, poetry emporium’s, Mrs. Harshman said that students had to demonstrate critical thinking, reading, speaking, and presentation skills as they delved deep into the wonderful world of poetry. 

Students had to first read, analyze, mimic, and perform several poems. They analyzed literary terms and syntax to find meaning. Then they selected a focus for their emporium attraction to meet the needs of visitors who have never read poetry as well as professional poets.

After the emporium, students had to reflect upon and synthesize the public nature of the project in a reflective analysis essay from visitor feedback.

Mrs. Harshman says the project is a great way to engage an audience that may or may not have read much poetry and to teach literary and historical facts related to the poems or poets.

By providing students with the challenge to make their knowledge of poetry public, students’ critical thinking skills have been greatly impacted,” said Mrs. Harshman.

Students called upon many skills including time-management, critical reading/thinking, annotation, analysis, cooperating learning, communication, evaluation, problem solving, reflection and synthesis skills. 

A handful of students read their poetry to kick off the emporium. Students from other classes visited and participated in a myriad of poetry stations.

Junior Rachel Weinberg says she enjoyed the process and had the chance to share her original piece "How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog."